Liturgical Ministries

In the great rituals of the Christian tradition, various elements – the scriptures to be read, the psalms to be sung, the communion to be shared – call for many gifts from many different people acting together.

The liturgical ministers carry out these important ecclesial actions that follow. By the natures of our baptism, all of us are called to minister to one another in our worship.

Liturgical Committee


The Liturgical Committee oversees the planning and coordinating of all the various ministries involved in our parish worship.

Contact the Parish Office at (306) 244-2983.

Altar Servers


Who can be an altar server? Any boy or girl in Grade 3 or older who has received Confirmation and First Communion.

What does an altar server do? Altar Servers are essential to assist the priest with the Mass. Servers are both leaders and participants; actively involved in the liturgy.

A server may carry the cross in and out of Mass (cross bearer), carry the candles (candle bearer) or assist the priest through the Mass.

Once a server has served 12 times (in each position at least twice), knows all the responses at Mass and has memorized the Creed and the Prayer for Vocations, the server will wear a cross with their alb. Wearing a cross at mass is a privilege and identifies the server as one who is well trained and experienced.

Contact the Parish Office at (306) 244-2983.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Gift Bearer

The ministry of Gift Bearer enacts an important ritual action, presentation of the gifts in the preparation of the Eucharistic table. Families and singles are encouraged to mark special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries by partaking in this important ritual action.


If you and/or your family would like to participate in this important ministry, contact the office at (306) 244-2983.


Those interested in this ministry should have the grace in movement and reverence in touch that characterizes all who minister before the assembly. They are not dispensing machines, but brothers and sisters in this very body and blood they are sharing. They not only speak their own faith in saying “The body of Christ,” they call forth the faith of the communicant. This ministry is scheduled in ‘teams’ for the liturgical celebration you usually worship at.

If you are interested in becoming a minister of communion, please contact the office at (306) 244-2983.




Meet, Greet, and Seat.

The usher does something that everyone else in the community does too—welcoming and offering hospitality. It is the usher’s ministry to greet people warmly, to introduce strangers, to help people sit together, to pass out hymnals, song sheets, to care for any needs (if someone gets sick, or other emergencies), to take up the collection, to help with good order at communion and to distribute bulletins and such in the course of saying goodbye to everyone or to direct people to the parish hall or school. If you have a gift for hospitality, you would make a good usher.

Contact the office at (306) 244-2983.

Reader of the Word


The reader is the storyteller of the community, telling the story that identifies us and give meaning to our lives. This story ‘tells us’ much more than we tell it. The special gifts and skill of the reader have to do with drawing everyone into the scriptures.

If you are interested in sharing your talents in this ministry, contact the office at (306) 244-2983.

Sacristans and Artists (decoration of the church)


These ministers’ work and presence are apparent in the in the worship space and in the things that are seen and touched within the liturgy. Those who clean and polish, as much as those who create and decorate, come from the assembly to care for a specific need: to fashion a place that helps people pray together. Their goal is to create an environment that is hospitable, welcoming, clean, human; an environment that is beautiful, that in itself points beyond to the awe and wonder that fosters our prayer.

The sacristan’s duties are:

  • Unlock and lock the church before and after Masses, funerals, and other church services

  • Prepare the altar for Mass

  • Check the tabernacle for hosts

  • Keep track of supplies – altar wine, unblessed hosts, sacred oils, charcoal, etc.

  • Clean sacred vessels after Mass

  • Tidy sacristy

  • Arrange for replacement lectors and communion ministers for Masses if those who are scheduled do not show.


If you are interested in sharing your talents in this ministry, contact the office at (306) 244-2983.