I am pleased to announce that we will have the tomato plant sale in May again this year.  The sale will be on May 23-24 weekend. Because of the pandemic, people will pre-order their plants and then just drive up to the garage next to our church to pick up their order on Saturday, May 23.  The pick-up time will be scheduled in one of the half-hour slots between 10am and 6pm. (That way we can control number of people arriving at any particular time.) The orders will be pre-boxed and numbered, so it will just be a case of getting the order number from them, locating their box and giving it to them.

We are considering having them pay by one of these methods:

  • pre-pay after their order is confirmed with e-transfer,

  • pay at time of pick-up with a cheque, or

  • pay with cash in a sealed envelope (exact amount only; no change provided)

That will speed up the pick-up process and eliminate having to handle money. Each order will be clearly marked regarding payment method.

The plants available will be:

Tomatoes:  Lemon Boy (yellow slicer, low acid), Defiant (red slicer, late blight resistant), Primo Red (red slicer, good flavor), Supremo (roma type for sauces and canning), Lunch Box (small fruit), SuperSweet 100 (cherry size fruit, sweet), Tumbling Tom (cherry size fruit and plant is for a hanging basket)

Peppers:  El Jefe, Redstart, Long Red Cayenne



Prices of plants:  $6 each or 4 for $20.

Please download the finalized order form here for the tomato plant sale on May 23rd. The sale includes the plants plus the left-over items from our Fair Trade sale. 

Please start promoting our sale - feel free to print/give or email this order form to anyone you think might be interested.  I am already starting to take orders and there is a limit on quantities available (that applies to plants too) so people should get their order in asap to avoid disappointment.


We will need lots of boxes to pack up orders, so could everyone please start collecting them (e.g. from grocery store, liquor board store, greenhouses).  If you have boxes to donate, please let me know.  Meanwhile, start selling and stay healthy!

Sheila Flory

St. Philip Neri Refugee Sponsorship Committee

NOTE: St. Mary's Parishioners can email the order form to Jocelyn D'eon at jocelyn.deon@sasktel.net. Thank you!