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St. Mary's Parish


St. Mary's Parish
Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon

Creator God, we praise and thank you for your presence and care for us throughout our lives.  We ask that you continue to help us to live in faith, hope and love.  Mother Mary, pray for us.

 Dear Parishioners,


Please read the latest newsletter from our Parish.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the Government of Saskatchewan changing restrictions on places of worship, again, please call the Parish Office to register for weekend masses. Only 30 people may attend each mass.

Please see letter from Bishop Mark Hagemoen regarding faith formation for children along with the related invitation from Marilyn Jackson, Director of Ministry Services. 


REMINDER: Fraudulent messages continue to circulate via e`-mail, as well as via text and message apps, allegedly coming from our priests, bishop, or others in the Catholic community, asking for money, gift cards, or other gifts.


We continue to warn that all such messages should be disregarded, and that anyone receiving such messages should not reply. The email addresses typically look like they could real. The message asks if you are busy / available, ask for a favour, or directly ask for iTunes gift cards or funds. We continue to warn that people should NOT send gift cards, money, or cash transfers if requested to do so over e-mail or via text message.  


If anyone receives messages asking for help like this from our bishops or priests or other leaders, they should either contact the leader's office directly to check whether the email is authentic, or just ignore. Victims of fraud are asked to contact their local Police Service or RCMP office.

News item about this cross-country scam: https://news.rcdos.ca/2019/08/07/phishy-scam-targeting-catholics-across-canada/ 

ATTN: Catholic Hispanic Community, feel free to check these announcements from the Saskatoon Open Door Society: Temporary Foreign Worker Program Poster and Workshop Schedules.

Click here for the "Answers to Key Ethical Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines" published by the USCCB. Also, please take time to read the “COVID-19 and Catholic Church Teaching regarding Vaccination” presentation by Dr. Moira McQueen.

We would like to share some information from the Pleasant Hill Community Association. Please help promote the Good Neighbour Guide.


Mass Times

Monday - Saturday
9:00AM | 7:00PM
9:00AM | 11:00AM | 4:00PM (Spanish Mass)

Sacrament of Reconciliation

6:30-7:00PM or by appointment

Perpetual Help Devotions

at both Wednesday masses
9:00AM and 7:00PM